Eugene Trivizas, from the 'Island of Fireworks' in Athens, to the magnificent, fairy-tale theme park!

Eugene Trivizas, from the “Island of Fireworks” in Athens, in the most exciting, magnificent, fairy-tale theme park!

In a unique collaboration with the famous writer Eugene Trivizas, Helexpo, created a theme park with European standards, inspired by the most popular fairytales and famous heroes of the internationally renowned, great Greek writer.

With high educational standards,interactive and entertaining characteristics, “The Secret Worlds of Eugene Trivizas” is a theme park that promises to take the visitors on a trip to the wonderful world of fantasy and fairy tales.

Visitors, regardless of age, will be “boarded” on a train, known as “Train that goes everywhere” and along with the ingenious journalist Picos-Apikos, Pupou the fox, Sotiris The watermelon, Emilio the apple and other well-known heroes of their favorite fairy tales, will enjoy a stormy journey to unknown countries and distant jungles, hear stunning stories, solve mysteries, and defy the threats of Fricandela the witch and overcome the traps that Rooney Rooney, the insidious, evil little pig, sets at every step and will take part in the most fantastic tales as the most beloved stories come alive on a magical journey.

Because as the famous writer says …

My good friends,

The most famous way to get to the Fireworks Island is to go to the Ocean of Splashes and get caught up in a heart-shaped plank. The knobs must be just as many as the gulls you saw on the last day of the trip. As for the plank, it must come from the branches of a cherry tree on which nightingales had chirped in spring or from the cherry three that in its hollow pink squirrels were hidden in the sunset.

But if it is not easy to get lost and be saved by such a plank, there is now another way, a unique opportunity to meet Lilly, the leopard, Puccini the white elephant, and all the rest of the company.

Everyone is waiting for you in the theme park “The Secret Worlds of Eugene Trivizas”